Awadees: Student Paper Awards

NOLTA Best Student Paper Award
  • C3L-1-5: Taketo Omi (Kobe University)
    Sequential Monte Carlo Framework for Simultaneously Estimating and Controlling Nonlinear Neuronal Dynamics
  • D2L-1-4: Yoshitaka Ishikawa (Future University Hakodate)
    Evaluation of Reservoir-Based Predictive Coding in Cultured Neurons with Spiking Neural Network Model
  • C3L-3-2: Masaki Sugiyama (Tokyo University of Science)
    Ultrafast Channel Allocation in Downlink NOMA Using a Parallel Array of Laser Chaos Decision-Makers
NOLTA Student Paper Award
  • A2L-3-2: Kota Sueyoshi (Osaka University)
    Concept Composition by Energy-Based Model Using Order Embedding
  • B3L-4-3: Mirko Goldmann (IFISC (UIB-CSIC))
    Inferring Unseen Complex Dynamics of a Semiconductor Laser Subject to Feedback with a Digital Twin
  • B2L-2-4: Jiaying Lin (Chiba University)
    Simple Applications of WiBIC with Asynchronous Pulse Code Multiple Access
  • C3L-1-6: Hirozo Nakano (Kobe University)
    Data-Driven Estimation of Spatial Electrical Property of Multi-Compartment Neuron Models by Replica Exchange Monte Carlo Method
  • A2L-2-5: Minoru Fujisawa (Tokyo University of Science)
    Design and Implementation of MAB Based Power Consumption Optimization Method on Bluetooth Low Energy
  • C1L-4-2: Qiang Cai (Guangdong University of Technology)
    All-Optical Random Bit Generators Based on Optical Chaos
  • C4L-2-2: Takatoshi Inaba (Nippon Institute of Technology)
    An Effective Routing Method Using Chaotic Neurodynamics for Transportation Networks